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Glistening, Vicky Prasetyo Reveals Chronology of Angel Lelga's Raid

JAKARTA, – Following a report at the South Jakarta Metro Police Station on Monday (11/19/2018), Vicky Prasetyo revealed the chronology of Angel Lelga raid in his home in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, early Monday.

With tears in his eyes, Vicky revealed how he saw his wife alone with other men.

"What is certain is that I have been trying for a few days to follow my wife and tried to find information about my wife. But it was shown in the early hours that I was finally accompanied by a lawyer, RT and community, family, Jagakarsa police and all , "said Vicky.

"I jumped from the fence, so I knew the two doors were locked but I knew there was a car in the house, the man was in the back yard so he did not see to sit in his back. Then the motorcycle left," added Vicky .

Vicky then broke into the door of Angel's room.

"I broke down the door and the boy held the door so it was broken, it was my hand to split up (blisters), because I kept stopping (the door) I do not remember anything. What I definitely saw with my own eyes," said Vicky.

After they had managed to enter the house, they found that Angel was in the room with a man who later became known as Fiki Alman.

"In that room, the guy immediately ran to the bathroom with shorts that went out on the bathroom, Angel hurried immediately to wear clothes to look for hijab, that's all," he said.

Earlier, Vicky Prasetyo and his lawyer Salahudin Pakaya attacked Angel Lelgas's house in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta on Monday (11/19/2018) at 2:00 in the morning.

Salahudin mentioned that by that time he and Vicky caught angel with a man in the room.

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