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Gatot Nurmantyo graduated from a graduate school


Magelang, Central Java (ANTARA News) – Former Army Chief and then TNI Commander, TNI General (Retired) Gatot Nurmantyo, participated in a group of highly rated Army Officers who graduated. The significance is, in service and tradition of the Indonesian army, they have completed their full mission.

It was Army Chef Staff, TNI General Moelyono, who graduated Nurmantyo along with 130 other retired highly-ranked army officers, at Lilly Rochli Building, Magelang Military Academy, Central Java, on Sunday. This tradition coincided with the military college birthday, which is currently 61 years old.

It was at this military academy that all of them were formed, forged and trained as TNI AD officers; including female officials who later became members of the Indonesian Army Women's Corps, in the early days of their election and education as Army Careers. At the military academy, they also ended their active service in the army with all due respect.

The candidates consisted of a four-star general, Nurmantyo, 10 general soldiers, 46 general secretaries and 73 brigadier generals. Among the participants, four senior officials from TNI AD Women's Corps participated.

10-star three-star director of TNI (right) Torry Djohar Banguntoro, Deputy Deputy Director of BIN, Director General TNI Purn Sonny Widjaya (formerly Head of TNI Human Resources and Command School), Director General TNI (Retur Syafril Mahyudin (former inspector) Secretary General at the headquarters of TNI), Secretary General of the General (Ret.) Eko Wiratmoko (Polhukam's former secretary), Director General TNI Purn M Erwin Safitri (Former Deputy State Secretary for the Army).

Lieutenant Secretary General (Right) Yayat Sudrajat (Former Secretary of State for Politics and Security), Secretary General Setyo Sularso (Former Secretary General at TNI Headquarters), Director General TNI (Fair) Bayu Purwiyono (Former Secretary General at TNI Academy) TNI .) Agus Sutomo (Secretary General of the Defense Department) and Director General of TNI (Ret.) Agus Kriswanto (Former Commander in Kostrad).

Before completing her full-time candidate, Moelyono took out Nurmantyo, as the highest and senior senior official.

According to the list of executive committees, this time, the total number of senior officials was 146, but 15 people were not present.

In his speech, Moelyono said that the ceremony for retirement practices was very special because it was held to coincide with the celebration of the 61st anniversary of the military academy November 11, 2018.

"This good moment will be a special memory for the highly rated army officers who have graduated," he said.

He also congratulated the retired officials who today resigned as a complete army officer.

"This retired procession is basically a form of appreciation and sincere respect from the entire army of the army to the army's highly rated officers for their service because they started active employment until they entered the retirement period," he said.

The success of closing the service as a highly rated officer in the Indonesian army is perfect, he says, is respectful and respectful at the highest level.

"What the academics / presenters show at the moment is a noble dream and ideal for every army officer," he said.

Therefore, the full-time course is the highest offer we can give, as well as a form of our sincere gratitude and pride as the next generation of the Indonesian army.

"We realize that the huge victims and contributions made by academics to the progress and glory of the Indonesian army are an invaluable contribution. Therefore, it will continue to be a historical record, a model example and a mandate that we will continue as a generation of" army successor, "he said.

A series of full-time candidates from the Indonesian Army will take place on November 9-11, 2018, starting from the tradition of welcoming at the border with the Military Academy, the Tidar Peak Tradition, missed night meetings and retired ceremonies for highly rated army officers.

Editor: Ade P Marboen

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