Tuesday , July 27 2021

Do not initially drink, patients can take antibiotics if they do

Liputan6.com, Jakarta To find out if patients need antibiotics, it's not easy. Need the correct diagnosis so that the use of antibiotics is wiser.

"The doctor provides the management, should diagnose." Although the diagnosis may be temporary or directly safe, "said the board of Indonesia's microbiological association (PAMKI) dr. Anis Karuniawati at the University of Indonesia Hospital, Depok. Written on Friday (11/16/2018).

Anis said patients were given antibiotics if they had a preliminary diagnosis that the disease could be caused by bacteria.

"So a temporary diagnosis is usually based on a question and a response with a patient, a physical examination, then a quick laboratory examination is not long. There may be a temporary diagnosis when antibiotics are given," says Anis.

Anis also said that if there were no bacteria after further investigations such as microbiological examination (if necessary), antibiotics could be stopped.

"Usually on the third day or on the fifth day comes out if the pain is quite difficult. If no one grows up and see the patient's condition has to be stopped, it must be stopped," explained the doctor who is also a teacher at the University of Indonesia Medical Faculty.

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