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Deddy Corbuzier Suddenly Alay Because of Vicky Prasetyo and Angel Lelga


JAKARTA, – Formerly Ilunioni's Deddy Corbuzier suddenly admitted an alay alias dragon because of Vicky Prasetyo and Angel Lelga.

Since the drama of Vicky's raid at the house of an angel, Deddy thought unconsciously about it.

"I recently know I'm Alay. Just a few days back I've become a lot," said Deddy in a video titled "Vicky Prasetyo – Angel Licking Cheating Settings !?" on YouTube channel, quoted by on Friday (11/23/2018).

"Why?" Because I watched YouTube and I had YouTube on (allegedly) Angel Lelga business from Vicky Prasetyo, "he added.

Although a child's father was well aware that the video was made and distributed to be guarded by people. However, Deddy was bound to see the thrill of Vicky Raiding Angel.

"So I feel I'm alay. Because I'm following things that are not important," said Deddy.

After that, a friend asked him as a public image why this could happen. Deddy is also changing from the one who initially thought about analyzing if there were engineering elements or Settings behind it.

"There are a number of possibilities, first of all Angel Lelga can really cheat. Secondly, this opportunity is all Settings from the beginning, "said Deddy.

"Enter the third possibility, maybe at the beginning Settings, endit worked. It no longer works together. But I do not know, so I give it an opportunity, "he added.

Earlier, Vicky Prasetyo performed an attack on Angel Lelga at Angel's residence because he suspected his wife had a deal.

Through his lawyer, Vicky denied Warganet's allegations that the raid is pretended to be performed, even to create a certain impression for the public.

"It's not exactly the attitude. It's not meaningful, if it's so said," said Vicky's lawyer, Marloncius Sihaloho, when he accompanied Vicky in South Jakarta Mapolres on Monday (11/19/2018).

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