Saturday , June 25 2022

BlackBerry Cancel the claim against Nokia


Rusmanto – In February 2017, BlackBerry sentenced Nokia to violate patents, and now it is said both have agreed to reconcile.

BlackBerry's trial against Nokia was related to the use of 11 patents without permission on devices such as Flexi Multiradio Base Station, Network Radio Control and Liquid Radio Software.

The patents referred to belong to BlackBerry after acquiring Nortel's Intellectual Property Rights 2011 to $ 4.5 billion. Two years earlier, the patent sought to be acquired by Nokia, but the Finnish company could not complete the transaction.

But now it is said that BlackBerry and Nokia have reconciled and interrupted the trial that was registered. But so far there has not been any official announcement from the two companies. It is likely that both will issue a public statement in the near future.

The patents that are broken against Nokia are an important part of the 3GPP industry standard. This means that BlackBerry must apply reasonable license fees and not violate royalty-free FRAND tariff rules, cited from the Phone Arena, Monday (11/12/2018).

Both Nokia and BlackBerry had become the king of mobile phones in the world, but at different times. Now, both are engaged in the same "field", namely to lease their licenses and patents to other companies.

This article has been broadcast on entitled "Nokia and BlackBerry Finally Make Peace on a Green Table"

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