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Becoming a bribe for Novanto, Oka Masagung accused of 12 years in prison


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Entrepreneur Made Oka Masagung was charged with 12 years in prison by the prosecutor for corruption eradication (KPK).

The person near Setya Novanto was also required to pay a fine of 1 billion for six months in prison.

"We demand that the panel of judges declare that the defendant has been legitimately and convincingly obliged to commit corruption together," said KPK prosecutor, Henry Yunarwanto, when he read the claim to the corruption court in Jakarta on 11/06/2018.

Given that the prosecutor considered Made Oka's actions did not support the government as actively fighting corruption.

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The result of Made's actions is massive, which is related to the management of national population data.

In addition, the effects of Made Okas actions still feel today. Then, Made Oka's actions were damaged for the country's finances.

The prosecutor also considered that Made Oka had to provide information in the investigation and trial.

According to the prosecutor, Made was proven to be an intermediary for bribery to the former chairman of the Golkar party, Setya Novanto.

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Made Oka was allegedly involved in a corruption case for the procurement of an electronic-based ID card (e-KTP) in 2011-2013.

According to the prosecutor, the PNRI consortium, who won the e-KTP project auction, did not receive an advance payment.

For this reason, a number of contractors reported in the PNRI consortium, namely Andi Agustinus alias Andi Narogong, Johannes Marliem, Anang Sugiana Sudihardjo and Paul Tannos to Setya Novanto.

For the report, Novanto said he would introduce Made Oka to deal with the financing of the project's implementation.

Following the meeting, Novanto Made Oka presented to Paul Tannos in Novanto's house, according to the prosecutor.

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At that time, Made Oka agreed to help.

In addition, Novanto Made Oka asked to accept charge from the consortium.

According to the prosecutor, according to the agreement between employers on June 14, 2012, the fee for Novanto was passed via Made Oka.

Made Oka abused his position as owner of OEM Investment Pte. Ltd. received a fee of 1.8 million US dollars.

The money came from Johannes Marliem, one of the suppliers of L-1 brand biometric products through an OEM Investment Account, Pte. Ltd at OCBC Center Branch Account Number 501029938301 with an underlying transaction "final payment development".

In addition, Made Oka received money on December 10, 2012 charge for Setya Novanto from President of PT Quadra Solutions Anang S Sudihardjo for 2 million US dollars. Submission by account with DBS Singapore Bank Number 0003-007277-01-6-022 commissioned by Delta Energy Pte. Ltd, which is also a company owned by Made Oka.

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According to the prosecutor, the transaction declared that it was an agreement to sell 100,000 shares of shares owned by Delta Energy at Neuraltus Pharmaceutical Incorporation, a company based on Delaware, US laws.

In addition, Made Oka sent some money from Johannes Marliem to Setya Novantos nicht, Irvanto Hendra Pambudi, through an account belonging to Muda Ikhsan Harahap on DBS Bank account number 017-4-090023, totaling $ 315,000.

According to the prosecutor, the money that Setya Novanto received from Made Oka and Irvanto amounted to 7.3 million US dollars.

In addition to Novanto, Made Oka and Irvanto's actions have enriched a number of people and companies.

Total actions have caused government financial losses of SEK 2.3 billion.

Made Oka was considered contrary to Article 3 of Act No. 31 of 1999, as amended by Law 20 of 2001 on the eradication of corruption in connection with the first paragraph of Article 55 of the First Criminal Code.

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