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Apple reportedly released AirPods Pro at the end of October

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – apple rumors of introducing a new generation AirPods at the end of October. Just like the iPhone, AirdPods are also called using & # 39; Pro & # 39; the appendix as a premium product marker.

This Bluetooth audio device is called technology support Noise (Noise Reduction). Compared to previous generations, AirPods Pro is said to use additional metal material on the housing.

The news of the rise of AirPods Pro appeared shortly after the latest design was found on iOS 13.2 beta.

According to 9to5Mac, it is stated that the product with the B298 model code has a better hearing position than its predecessor. Images that are suspected to be prototypes of AirPods Pro were once shared SlashLeaks.

China's Economic Daily reported AirPods Pro is said to be marketed from $ 260. While the first generation AirPods are currently being marketed at US $ 159.

The Bluetoot headset's product sales are reported to have sold up to 59 million pairs worldwide. About 34 million pairs of them have been reported to have been sold in the last 12 months.

AirPod's popularity is said to have something to do with Apple's decision to remove the audio on mobile phones from the iPhone 7 Plus to the latest trio on the iPhone 11.

Some competitor manufacturers like Sony, Bose, Amazon also offer similar products at prices that do not differ much. But it looks like Apple will still be the user's choice.

"One factor that will make it very difficult for other companies, including Amazon and Microsoft, to compete with AirPods is that the success of wearable clothing requires the power of ecosystems and design and fashion expertise," Apple Analysis's Neil Cybart told CNN.

If released at the end of this month, AirPods are expected to be released along with the latest generation of other Apple products such as Mac, MacBook Pro and Apple Tag. (ndn / ability)

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