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Apple is preparing Animoji features that can speak – Sumatra Express

The electronic display shows the Apple Inc. logo. on the outside of the Nasdaq market after the close of today's trading session in New York, New York, USA. Photo: REUTERS / Mike Fresh

APPLE rumors to present a new technology that allows iPhone users to issue sounds when using the Animoji feature.

The latest technology was revealed by the US Patent and Trademark Manager (USPTO) who issued a patent filed by Apple in February.

For example, if the user barks, the dog's barking will pop up from the speaker. However, the sound displayed is not the user's original voice, but the original dog barks as a replacement.

This is one of three options offered in the application chart. Thus reported by the Phone Arena, Monday (26/11).

The Voice Effects Patent Based on Facial Expressions also has a feature where Apple technology can remove video from any audio user's face. The results of the combination are displayed in the form of a virtual avatar.

Reported, the patent will be implemented for the Animoji feature introduced on iPhone X.

Another concept offered in the patent is the user's facial movements recorded at the same time as the sound. As an illustration, the screen will show virtual avatars imitating facial movements and sounds synchronized with special effects related to avatars.

The third concept shows the recorded facial movements. But in this concept there is something from a predetermined list.

For example, the users let dogs as dogs. The IPhone screen shows the user's virtual avatar, but the speaker shows the user's virtual avatar.

Unfortunately, it is not yet clear whether the patent will actually apply to Animoji in the future. (Mg9 / jpnn)

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