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Android Pie Update begins rolling to Xiaomi Mi A2

Xiaomi Mi A2 Android Pie
Copyright © BGR – As we know, Xiaomi officially launched its first Android One device 2017 yesterday via Mi A1. And it turns out that for special products, the result of cooperation with Google is a good response from consumers. In this way, the company tries to start a second generation, Xiaomi Mi A2,

Since it is one of Android One Smartphones, this device should get a newer update of the Android operating system faster than other products. But unfortunately, then Android Pie officially launched but Xiaomi did not discuss the issue of supporting the OS update.

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The company from China is even more focused on providing information about MIUI 10 that can be enjoyed by most Xiaomi Smartphone users. Nevertheless, it does not mean that Xiaomi Mi A2 is completely forgotten because yesterday there was information that showed that it had started rolling out the beta version of the Android Pie for Mi A2.

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From the information reported from the Gizmochina page, the operating system Android Pie This beta version has been officially launched with a number of features, and one of those that are effective is Adaptive Battery. Not only that, based on the information provided in the screenshot, it has been shown to users Xiaomi Mi A2 which has updated Beta Android Pie OS can later switch between the old navigation system with gesture-based (as desired).

Note that updating the software is really very good for device performance, for each OS update released, there will be an increase in some features to provide a very satisfactory performance for the user.

But if it's still in beta, users are advised to be careful because different kinds of problems can occur at any time. For those users Xiaomi Mi A2 who do not fully understand the Smartphone software, it is recommended to wait for the stable version that is likely to be released later this year.

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