Saturday , May 28 2022

AFF Cup 2018: Often Faced, Andik memorizes Singapore's forces

[ad_1], Singapore- Indonesian national team champion Andik Vermansah is fully aware of the Singapore troop's strength in the 2018 AFF Cup. Andik argues that team solidarity is one of Singapore's strengths in the field.

The Indonesian national team had to visit Singapore's headquarters first in the first match of the Group B AFF 2018 Cup on Friday (11/09/2018) at the National Stadium. Andik, who played at Malaysia's club, Kedah FA, claimed he was quite familiar with a number of Singapore players who were active in Malaysia's league.

"I often handle Singapore players who play in Malaysia's league. The Singapore squad has not changed much, and their strengths are team cohesion, because they often play together," said Andik in Singapore.

"They have older players who are quite respected. And from the past we know Singapore players are good," he added.

In addition, Andik talked about the new format in the AFF 2018 Cup group phase, where each team gets two home teams and two eliminates during the group phase. Andik felt that no team was more disadvantaged or benefited from the new format.

"The new format has a clear effect, the team must really benefit from the home party. Only now there is no country hosting the AFF Cup, so all teams have the same opportunity," explained Andik.


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