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Rare Apple-1 goes up for auction; The bid starts at $ 50,000


Since Apple came on the market again in 1976. The company has made some pretty revolutionary products for shoppers. As a result, classic Apple products now cost a ton out there, and some public resellers usually put these products up for bidding. So recently, a public auction house, called RR Auction, put a rather unusual Apple 1 for bidding and it starts from as much as 50,000 dollars.

The gadget in question, Apple-1 or Apple Computer 1, is the primary computer that Cupertino tech major manufactured and offered when Apple was not even an organization. It was designed by Apple founder Steve Wozniak and is now up for public sale comes with the unique field signed by him.

Apple-1 bids start at $ 50,000 1
Image: RR auction

RR Auction notes that the computer is in “exceptional” and has been restored by Apple-1 professional Corey Cohen. You can try the restoration video properly below.

In addition, it would include all unique equipment such as the unique Apple-1 card, the unique Apple Cassette Interface (ACI), the unique Apple-1 manual and extras. So it’s a pretty special package for Apple fanatics and collectors of rare devices.

For the unconscious, Steve Wozniak designed the Apple-1 again in 1976, initially as a private company. Jobs, however, noticed the product’s potential and decided to market it out there. According to reports, it took $ 250 (~ Rs. 18,374) to build an Apple 1 computer and the duo offered it for $ 666 (~ Rs. 48,998).

But now, if you want to get your palms on Apple-1, you have to throw in a lot more than just $ 666. You can try Apple-1 on RR Auktion’s official bidding website.

Selected images: RR auction

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