Saturday , December 5 2020

New Google Workspace icons are rolling out on Android, the web

Google Workspace was announced in early October as a new brand for G Suite and a new method for office-free productivity. As part of these changes, all Google Workspace apps will see new icons, with the launch now underway.

Google Calendar

Calendar gets a similar treatment as the new Gmail icon by dropping the physical object that it was previously modeled after. It is now a square with the lower right corner crumpled. Blue is the primary color, while “31” is in the middle.

Version 2020.42 of Google Calendar for Android is rolling out with the new logo. The middle date is still updated daily, while the new icon does not appear – save for the splash screen – elsewhere in the app. An update brought this branding to iOS last week, and it is now making its way through the Play Store.

In the meantime, the site has not been updated yet, although the new icon already appears in the Google Workspace sidebar in several apps.

Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Presentations

The icons for Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, as well as Sites and Forms, are usually unchanged. As I said, the ear tag in the upper right corner is now darker. Inside, Google has been simplified in various ways, including a smaller line of text / line and thinner numbers.

Update 10/26: On Android, it’s a big change that sees the entire page shape placed against a white background. The apps previously used full-width start icons. So far, Google Docs and Sheets has adopted the new design with version 1.20.422.01, where Slides joined a few days later.

Google Meet

The Meet icon is very much in line with Gmail and Drive in that it is formed by the four Google colors. Green here is the dominant shade – in another nod to communication and classic Hangouts, while there is only a small bit of red.

10/19: Google Meet also launches today on Android with version 2020.10.04.337166131. The previous icon was remarkable for having a fold.

Google Chat

The chat gets a new flat logo, but is completely green in a tribute to Hangouts. The inner “@” symbol has been removed while the circular message symbol is now rectangular and intersects a rectangle.

10/19: Google Chat is next on the dock with version 2020.10.04.336992968 for Android. This has not yet been rolled out and has a larger status bar icon that is more visible.


Like Maps and Photos earlier this year, Gmail adopts an icon that uses the four Google colors blue, red, yellow, and green to form an “M.” Red still has the largest share, but it comes when Google moves away from accent colors in its apps.

All previous Gmail icons clearly have an envelope. It is now only implied, with Google using the white space above and below the center car to form an envelope. It’s smart that all modern smartphone icons will be placed against a white background anyway.

10/16: Version 2020.10.04.337159408 of Gmail for Android starts rolling out today with the new icon. Apart from the home screen, it is not visible anywhere else in the app, which was also the case previously given the lack of a splash screen. That said, the status bar icon is now an overview of the Gmail logo.

The renewed brand is also making its way to the web client for some users, but is not yet widely visible.

Google Drive

Drive is relatively unchanged, but the triangle has slightly rounded edges. There is also a very subtle red splash after the icon previously only had three colors. It is the most minor change, but it will be one of the most delightful.

10/14: Google Drive is the first app to see its new Workspace icon made available to end users. On Android, it still rolls out with version 2.20.401.06.40 via the Play Store, but the list has not yet been updated. The new icon is visible on the home screen icon and the splash screen.

Another change is that Google is updating the icon that appears in the Android status bar. It gets the Material Theme treatment and is now just a hollow outline.

The new Drive icon also appears in the web app. This is a simple replacement in the upper left corner and to the favicon. The icon in the web app launcher is also still the older variant.

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