Friday , August 12 2022

In front of ICC Women's World T20, test your knowledge of India's history of history


There has never been a bigger buzz for a Women's World T20 than there is for the year's edition, starting in the West Indies on Friday. This, perhaps because the women's edition so far coincided with the men. For the first time, the International War Council has decided to make it an independent event.

ICC also increases women's coverage due to increasing demand for it. All the matches of this year's World T20 will be broadcast live in over 200 countries around the world. This is unmatched in women's cricket.

In the latest release, Western Indians favorites beat Australia with 8 wickets in a last-over thriller. They get the chance to defend the title in the home market. But players across nations, this time, have sandpapped their T20 games by playing more international and league matches.

The rushing ICC Women's World Cup, hosted England lined India in a thriller in 2017, gathered many fans worldwide for women's cricket, especially in India. Ever since women's cricket witnessed a significant increase in coverage and appreciation.

Historically, women's play was not attentive in India, even when man's game was undergoing a boom.

"There has been such a big change of women's cricket since I started playing," Jhulan Goswami wrote recently. "I remember staying in a living room with bunk beds for my first world cup in 2005. For domestic matches we often traveled unreservedly by train and played on grounds where damage would have been very easy. There were countless junior tournaments where we stayed in dorms and slept on mattresses on the floor. "

And from there the game for the headlight waves and hopes to build on a positive momentum. A woman's IPL is also not far away.

So how good do you feel India's history in the women's game? Here is a quiz to test your knowledge.

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