Wednesday , May 18 2022

With stylish skylights we can create a healthier indoor microclimate (X)


Between the four walls we live our lives – we spend most of our time at our workplace and at home. In the last centuries we have created everything so that we do not have to move around the walls. Lack of ventilation or sustained extreme indoor temperature can cause problems in a home-based building that may be harmful to people living there. Improved comfort and a healthy indoor microclimate gave the benefits of VELUX Groups and NETATMO's cooperation, VELUX ACTIVE indoor climate control system.

By our way of living, we were literally isolated from the outside world: we forgot the quality and amount of ventilation of the interior. There is a big difference between the recommended ventilation volume and the actual ventilation habits: 82% of Europeans think they have a lot of ventilation in their homes, but in reality, almost a third of the windows reveal windows that would be ideal. Inside, we try to refresh the air with artificial materials – for example bedding, scented candles – and we save some of the big upgrades. There are a number of diseases that we are looking for the reason for our cause. For example, in a humid, moody environment, 40 percent may be more likely to develop asthma, but chronic headache, sleep disturbance, eye inflammation and allergies are also related to the home. According to the VELUX group survey, the children's room and the network are the most polluted, usually small, one-room windows. In addition, in the networks, they stay for up to 8 hours without interruptions. But the air we breathe is as important as the food we eat or the liquid we drink.

Thanks to the cooperation of VELUX and NETATMO, VELUX's intelligent product system has been launched, thought and acted on the basis of the homeowner's edition. The remote and voice-controlled intelligent solution can be used to customize the optimal indoor conditions based on measured indoor sensor data and weather forecasts by opening skylights, flat roof lights and shading. Regular planned ventilation can be used to provide adequate air temperature, reduce air humidity in the indoor climate and minimize carbon dioxide levels. Based on experienced and learned (based on user history), VELUX ACTIVE can automatically intervene and intervene if necessary.


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