Sunday , May 22 2022

What is the year of the year: a comedian, a feminist who flows in the urine or the elite?


There are 3 nominees to vote for the traditional Halo game in the Hungarian Haltian Society. In addition to the fish and the fishery, 444 tells this frank of officially, of course, only the malicious candidates.

Red-winged bark

The young communist, also known as the little red, is a true mass of fish. If you look at the water on the shores of a lake or a dense pond with any lake or plants, you will be able to see these troubled activists in the water.

Vermilion bark, like so many Communists, lies for you, because it has no wing. Neither red nor anything else than the usual swimmers help you move, strictly underwater. The bigger the jeep, the more dangerous it is for our candidate, because in his age he goes from mixed nutrition to stinging, for the joy of walking and artificial worms. To irritate the shells he had grown unusually good and soft meat from the biscuit, making him the worst native bark in the bark.

Rainbow fist

Despite the encouraging name, not a gay person is a waterman, but a threatening hand, but a small, insane, barkfish fish. It differs from a medium because it is so oil resistant that it appears to have survived a large oil spill. He is, however, an imaginative breed, because his egg can be placed inside the shell of living shell using a fast-scaling eggshell for this purpose. Its second superabundance is that it also serves as a live pregnancy test, as urine in a pregnant woman drops in her aquarium, female copies of solidarity are instantly increased. That is, a real feminist activist is the fist, who, like the lesbian murderer, is rarely injured by his gender.


Photo: copyright 2003-2004

It does not need to collapse, it's not so fast, it's called it's fading fast. Of course, all other trout parties, so much like, can be called gill or mucus, but it was not. The sword is a classic European-style trout, with its pretty red pussy and not confused with the more commonly-grown rainbow trout that looks like a North American immigrant, but with little black pants. The biggest advantage of fast trout is that there settled there amphibious amphoras dressed in arthropod hunting, hat and pants dressed in arthropods for the enjoyment of the human population, overwhelms the beaches.

Here you can vote for the death of the year, at the moment a killing struggle for the primitive between Comsi and the feminist, dragging the blubber behind him.


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