Sunday , October 2 2022

"Therapists and nurses clean up at Buda's children's hospital" –


"Therapists and nurses clean up at Buda Children's Hospital"

Coarse plaster, matted ceilings and dirty windows – this was experienced by a mother at Buda's children's hospital.

The young woman comes to the department for almost a year, and the hospitals have taken pictures of the RTL Club newshouse.

The woman said she was completely satisfied with the experts' work, but the state of the hospital seemed desperate. He also noticed that cleaners often do not clean, therapists and nurses also perform cleaning jobs because there is no cleaning in the facility.

We also made a report on Buda Children's Hospital in the fall and spring, also because of similar problems. At that time at the state health center, the money was available for repairs, they did not answer questions from RTL Club.

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