Friday , August 12 2022

The issue of parking contributions in the Szeged Assembly was discussed sharply


The Hague Zalán recalled that for more than a month, the district Gyula, László Botka, three suspects and directies, Ervin Mózes, chief secretary, László László's deputy mayor and mayor's cabinet sentenced for more than a month.

The politicians recalled repeatedly urging László Botka to do everything for the people concerned to leave their service so that the sentenced could not direct the city.

MP has demanded that he publish a complete list of who has received free parking tickets. At the same time, he stressed that representatives of Fidesz and KDNP never asked for a parking lot.

The factorial leader also asked city guides when they paid for the damage they caused 41 million forints.

Prior to the start of the General Assembly, left-wing deputies shared "self-reports" with the board's Fidesz and KDNP members.

László Solymos (MSZP) stressed that his work was always carried out according to the law. He said that if the judge could be accepted without criticism – a politician called a conceptual – can Fidesz and KDNP representatives who are allowed to park for more than ten years only make their own signature and write the self-report and take responsibility for economy.

László Botka stated that politicians in Fidesz are trying to blow civil servants working for the city with slander. In Szeged and all major metropolitan areas in the country, it has been practice for decades to get municipal representatives to hire parking spaces for their work.

The neighborhood in Gyula on October 2 said that two former head of Szegedi Közlekedési Kft. And the former parking officer for the company as co-rapporteur, Szeged's main registrar, one of his deputy mayor and mayor's cabinet leader as an instigator, said he was a major criminal and a major criminal offender. who owe The accused were sentenced to jail for one year in the execution of the court for six and ten months.

The court found that the defendants had provided 307 vacant parking spaces for natural and legal persons between 2008 and 2012 without being represented by their statutory mandate or other statutory reasons. People have also received free parking tickets that are unrelated to the municipality.

The prosecution announced an appeal for acquisition and demanded that the second instance of the prosecutor's office in Gyula disqualify former managers of Szegedi Közlekedési Kft. From employment of the company's CEO. The defendants did not participate in the hearing, and their defendants appealed against the termination of their defendants in the absence of a crime.


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