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The first reviews of Wonder Woman 1984 have come


A couple of critics may have already seen Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday, weeks before the long-awaited and repeated sliding DC movie was shown in cinemas in large parts of the world (including us) and streamed in parallel in the US (on HBO Max) as well – and maybe no one will to be surprised, but they had very nice impressions.
Below you can get an insight into the reaction of a lot of enthusiastic people who bring to life the sequel to the DCEU hit film 2017 directed by Patty Jenkins: the beautifully realized eighties setting, the uplifting and heartwarming story – that – we really need in these difficult days.

We would immediately quote Jim Vejvoda and Terri Schwartz from the American IGN:

“I saw Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday. It’s also very fun and very heartwarming, hopeful, which I admit I needed shortly after this year. ”

“I’m one of the lucky ones to be among the first to see (finally!) Wonder Woman in 1984. I admired it. The first act is my favorite modern DC creation, and WW84 goes wisely and tells a very human and very beautiful story about Princess Diana. ”

Amy Ratcliff considered pretty much the same and emphasized that this is an “ambitious” and “incredibly exciting” work.

“I was able to watch Wonder Woman 1984 yesterday and … honestly, that was exactly what I needed. Uplifting, hopeful and in every element Wonder woman. It’s just a wonderful movie with a theme right in the heart. ”

“Yesterday I saw Wonder Woman 1984 at home and this film is all I needed, in fact much more. It is incredibly ambitious, impressively exciting and full of hope. Also very long, which sometimes seems like a wrong decision, but java part it reminded me about how wonderful I can feel after a blockbuster. ”

Erand Goldman from FANDOM, Eric Eisenberg from CinemaBlend, Mike Rougeau from GameSpot and others also felt that the film had a message, an inspiring main character and shines with reality in these perhaps difficult times.

“I saw Wonder Woman in 1984 and it became a really strong piece. It is full of powerful and … yes, fantastic scenes and all in all, a film that stands its ground perfectly in these catastrophic times thanks to its message and great hero. ”

“Amazing news: Wonder Woman 1984 is amazing! The story has a fantastic and fantastic message at the right time; full of surprises; and he also does a great job of introducing Cheetah and Max Lord (both Wiig and Pascal are brilliant). ”

“I see the wonderful woman and I can share some of my impressions!

An absolutely captivating and wonderful film, that’s exactly what we need now. I have experienced almost every moment of it (which has not been seen for a long time). Chris Pine’s return has been a great achievement and it makes sense. And Gal is still a goddess! ”

Do not worry, ONLY better reviews will come below. Since none of this comes from official criticism, it’s worth watching to read the opinions of a couple of very enthusiastic people – at least until the presentation takes place.

“Wonder Woman 1984 is a fun, exciting and engaging sequel, one that perfectly complements the previous story, but which in itself is fantastic. It’s an emotional, fun and exceptional piece that is perhaps even better than its predecessor. ”

“I was invited by Warner to see the new Wonder Woman in advance yesterday and I’m still grinning. Wonder Woman 1984 is the movie the world needs now, no matter who, on what screen or screen. ”

“Wonder Woman 1984 is absolutely amazing. It shows that superheroes can also be imperfect, vulnerable and lovable. Gal and Patty made a wonderful film of intrigue and hope. ”

“I’m so happy to say that WW84 is a fantastic piece from start to finish. A fantastic performance in the light of the first film, but full of heart, hope, love, action, romance and humor. Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot – as well as the team – put together one of the best DC sequels. I cried when it was over. ”

I could see Wondwer Woman 1984! Patty Jenkins literally created an 80’s jewel cinema that is so unique these six. It feels bigger than the first WW at the same time, at the same time as it is much more collected. Lots of Princess Diana and some epic Wonder Woman moments where Gal Gadot is brilliant! ”

“I was lucky enough to see WW84. Be excited about your Christmas present, people. That’s all I want to say!

Wonder Woman 1984 will theoretically be shown at home in cinemas from December 24, and in America it will be seen not only on widescreen but also on HBO Max.

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