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OPEC maintains the exploitation


OPEC and the largest oil opportunities in the organization invest in oil production so that they can overcome the lack of energy during that period, "said Omni Oil Minister Mohammed Hamad Al Rumhi.

The minister said in Abu Dhabi, where the crashed OPEC + group's monitoring committee is at a milestone to look at the market situation and situation.

The OPEC Member States Ministers will be present in Bcs on 6-7 December They are in close combat and are in contact with those already in the top of their history.

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The members of the OPEC + group are members of the Kolaj export lési szervezet and their cartel companies, including Russia.

On Friday, Omni Oil Ministers gave a summary to the United States about the amount of monitoring commissions, 500,000 or 1 billion barrels per day, proposed by the specialists in December.

The monitoring committees, at the same time, told Reuters that OPEC was the largest producer, and Szad-Arbia operates for 1 billion hords a day.

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The observation does not exclude the fact that the Monitoring Committee has no final production, but will propose that OPEC + members should be able to change the scope of the market processes by the end of January 2019.

OPEC and other companies predict that the collapse of the world market may be characterized by a decline in demand, demand decreases.

The stock of the Brent oil mark in the North Sea fell by almost 20 to the pnteki stock exchange when it was $ 70.

Brent fell short of the global economy when the economy slowed down and demand for investors weakened due to the decline in trade.

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The collapse was early in October at mg The investor is concerned that a significant amount of oil due to the US counterparts against Irn falls out of the globe, which can lead to intensification and some rush to land.

Mg is not the US sanctuary against Irn, the largest oil producer, such as Saddam, Russia and the United States, has tried to counteract the collapse of the collapse.

The oil industry from November 4 was worse than ever, so the United States had given six days to the largest oil spill in the world.

All of this resulted in a serious impact on the market, which is why the oil began to shrink rapidly.

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