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One-million Juke at Nissan's Sunderland Plant (x)


· Juke is the fourth model in Sunderland that has reached a million units
· He entered the groundbreaking Qashqai footsteps
· Customers can now choose from over 20,000 different Juke versions

SUNDERLAND, UNITED KINGDOM (July 10, 2018) – Eight years after the launch of the compact crossover segment, it rolled one millionth Juke out of the Nissan Sunderland factory's conveyor belt. On average every 105 seconds, a whole new Juke is created.

2018 Juke, renowned for its distinctive and sporty appearance, offers countless opportunities to customize the interior and interior. With all features and a variety of unique accessories, customers can choose from over 23,000 combinations of their latest Juke versions.

One million Juke from the Sunderland factory was a Tekna vehicle, Vivid Blue, the latest color.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, Nissan Europe's Vice President, Supply Chain Management and Procurement, said: "Achieving millions of miles is a huge achievement in history history.

"Eight years ago, we did not look like Juke, he asked for a brand new segment and introduced a distinctive, unprecedented form to the market. Today, we have one million customers and Juke has maintained its leading position in the segment.

"It's great to see it with the huge development of the 2018 model and its unique accessories, it's as popular as the first version that rolled out of the factory in 2010."

Following the groundbreaking Qashqai, the first of Nissan's leading manufacturing and crossover markets launched in 2006, Juke was the second crossover in this factory. More than three million Qashqai has now been produced in Sunderland, in front of Micra (2.4 million) and Primera (1.5) at the factory for a million farm type.

The one million figure includes the premium sports edition, Juke NISMO, launched in 2012 at the Sunderland factory. According to sales statistics, Juke is the most popular among European customers in black and is the most popular choice for both interior and exterior accessories.

Juke continues to be extremely successful, and in 2017, 95,000 copies were found in Europe. Premium features of the new version include the omistable, dark chrome-plated new V-rows, dark fittings and dark turn signals from rear-view mirrors. The led fog light from the Acenta equipment level is now part of the standard equipment.

Three new 16- and 18-inch alloy wheels have been added to the range, also from Acenta. Those who want more design for their car, Tekna's equipment level can also order colored decorative elements for the wheels.

The passenger compartment can also be supplied with anodised orange and anodized blue accessory. In addition, you can choose between synthetic leather seats, armrests and dual-panel dashboards. Juke also comes with the BOSE Personal Audio System, which delivers a high quality 360 degree audio experience with speakers built into the driver's headrest.

Juke also offers innovative Nissan technologies such as the intelligent 360-speed car parking camera, motion detection, lane and dambody monitoring system. "

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