Thursday , July 29 2021

Népszava Serious accident – A car infiltrated a BKK bus in the east (photo)

The windows and doors broke out on one side of the bus. You know there is no damage to the Friday morning accident.

A major accident happened on Friday morning at Keleti railway station in Budapest – writes Omnibus bus community website. A car of a BKK, a Mercedes Citaro, collided with a hauler, seemed to have almost all windows and doors burst on one side, as shown in the pictures. As far as it is maybe the back of the pickup truck has threw the bus side. A number of sketches have been broken, according to Omnibusz, it's only good that he is not a clerk on the back of the truck.

None of the passengers were injured by the commentators who said they saw the accident. In place, he acknowledged the driver's responsibility.

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