Tuesday , August 16 2022

Negative correction was opened in New York


After Wednesday's high profits over two percent, the major US stock exchanges opened on Thursday with a negative correction.

In New York, the DJIA-30 index was 0.16 percent, the S & P-500 index was 0.33 percent, and the Nasdaq Composite Index showed a 0.37 percent loss at the start of the deal.

The sharp rise in exchange rates on Wednesday resulted in uncertainty as a result of investors' inevitability due to the mid-term election. The DJIA and S & P indexes on Wednesday have been the biggest commitment since 1982.

On Thursday, the market's attention is focused on the outcome of Fed's two-day decimals and the monetary policy signals expected in its reasoning. According to analysts consensus, Fed does not change the reference rate, but can signal a steeper interest rate.

Oil prices fell to $ 61.22 per barrel in the US market, 0.73 percent lower in global trade and Brent's price fell by 0.62 percent to 71.62 dollars.

The euro is listed at $ 1 1439, 0.11 percent stronger, with gold prices falling by 0.10 percent to $ 1225.00 per ounce.


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