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Mourinho captures Tottenham, but gold can be delivered by Son, who becomes a machine


Tottenham Hotspur, led by José Mourinho, started in first place in the English league table in December and look challenging for the PL Championship due to the rivals’ stumbling blocks but mainly the top form for their own players. Harry Kane has never been as good as he has been this year, but in fact Son Hungmin may be the one to turn the matches he won into gold.

He started horribly but not surprisingly Joseph Mourinho on Tottenham Hotspur’s little bench: after a few initial victories, it soon became clear why he could not succeed with the Portuguese coach’s former club team. He dug into his players, the referees, the opponent’s coaches, in truth he found fault with everyone but himself. Nor was it good before the forced break due to the coronavirus epidemic that Spurs players visited the medical room more often than on the pitch, so he had problems for the Portuguese boss.

But when the transfer market closed, new winds began to blow in London: Mourinho had long believed that he had abolished all evil, recovered in parallel and his players began to show good form. Daniel Charge the club president did what could have been in the difficult economic situation in the market caused by the epidemic: at Mourinho’s request, he took the Spanish left with him Sergio Reguilónt, Matt Dohertyt better creek supplements, but came on loan in the winter Gareth Bale, Carlos Vinícius and bagged the five-star Southampton midfielder so far, Pierre-Emile Höjbjerget is.


Mourinho graduated from Tanguy Ndombelével (openly criticized the French in the autumn for their inappropriate attitude), but in return forgot His All that, who in the spring seemed to be a key figure in rebuilding Spurs. Compared to that, he does not even play, but his absence can be forgotten by all midfielders from London, who – neither individually nor collectively – may never have played so well before. What a denial, Mourinho turned around this Spurs by barely getting his feet off the accelerator since January, holding the table (for the first time since 2014) and being advertised as an unspoken truth by English magazines: who can grow at the helm of the tournament in the twelfth month, a good chance to win a title at the end of the season.

But what was needed for this, apart from the fact that the Portuguese boss judged that if he falls now, he really will not get a serious little bench anymore?

Mainly on a classic basis

In October, Spurs suffered a 1-0 defeat in the Europa League, after which Mourinho took out everyone, including himself at Sky Sports.

This match showed that I will have an easier time choosing a team in the future. I’m always asked why this or that player is not playing. Well, maybe they will not ask in a few weeks. Only one person is guilty: me.

It has also become easier: on the one hand, he does not want to let go of his well-performing players or the 4-2-3-1 formation that has become his trademark since then in the starting lineup – completely understandable. This year’s (two-sided) Tottenham is proof to everyone that 4-2-3-1 is still an existing and well-managed formation at the top level, although there are players available who can be put into a new position without being forced. But during the matches, of course, the roles were not so carved in stone, in fact, the Portuguese play almost 4-4-2 in defense. There are three undeniable advantages and parts of Mourinho’s current idea that keep the team at the top of the table:

  • Höjbjerg almost plays a defender: when he builds an attack he goes back between the two backs, collects the ball to pass To Sissoko or Ndombele.
  • Ndombelé has become a good attacking midfielder who starts, collides and, if the situation so desires, breaks up the opponent’s game together with Sissoko.
  • Kane and he often plays ten, driven from the depths Son Hungmint, Lamina or just Bergwijnt, and if he has to defend, he retreats to Ndombele.

Special mention should be made of the Sissoko – Ndombele duo (the success of Spurs this year still stems from the duos), who are fighting side by side. Sissoko played an edge in Newcastle, even moved to Spurs in the post they tried and then gradually turned into a midfielder. While he was more free last year, this year he is completely bound as a defensive midfielder, as his physique, game intelligence and humility equip him to play effectively as a filter (and right back) Serge Aurier you should also pay attention to the right wind when hiking). Ndombele’s situation should also be mentioned, as he trembled like a quasi-black lamb in Spurs: a special curiosity is that Mourinho’s pedagogy still works once in ten, as the French midfielder turned it on after a restart after the pandemic so he could take the team key connections with dignity. list.

Mourinho even fits that Eric Animal and contracts in the winter Joe Rodon play inside defenders, complete with Aurier on the edge – the three can be very embarrassing, right behind them Hugo Lloriswho have paraded defending in recent months. The goalkeeper’s role is also important, because with a relatively large number of long balls, he is looking for Kane, who is perfect for ball protection on a visceral basis, so he also incorporated this not very modern game element into José Mourinho’s team.

And a real soldier

It would be ignorant for Son Hungmin to be a “poor man Cristiano Ronaldója “ token, if only because the South Korean player has a market value of 75 million euros, while the Juventus striker is currently worth 60 million euros, according to Transfermarkt. But their style of play is very similar, as they are both exact finishers and their starting speed is excellently divided in ninety minutes. Son started as a wing player in Spurs and often appears in front of goal this year, and their pair with Kane makes them the most successful duo in the English league. South Korea will basically start the match either left or right, and while Kane is busy moving the defenders or passing in tenth position, Son is waiting on the side when he can go towards the goal. He already has nine goals this year (making him second on the scoreboard) and Kane is looking for him with the ball more and more often (he does not accidentally have nine assists either).

It’s much easier to illustrate in a video the three key moments in this year’s attacks against Spurs: below is their first hit against the city, where Kane moves out Manchester defender, Ndombele kicks Szon, who rolls the ball with Ronaldo’s ruthlessness. Ederson between her legs. The Kane – Son pair also set an unspoken record: so far a total of 29 goals have been compiled, this top list Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba led by 36 hits in PL’s history.

Among Son’s strengths, we do not need to look for action, as the South Korean is not the type of attacker who tangles the ball unnecessarily, it is actually as pragmatic as Mourinho’s view of the game: he gets the ball, swings to the goal and then mostly completes the action. It was not in vain that he liked it so much Mauricio Pochettino Nor because Son is an exceptional tactical weapon in that he is two-legged (he scored four of his nine goals this year with four on the right, four on the left, one with his head) and that he puts the team under attack in a few moments from the defense .

A real machine that does what the boss asks.

And although it can not be said that he maintains this discipline on the ground due to compulsory military service in South Korea, his strict upbringing really contributed to it. Apart from the fact that he already played football in Hamburg at the age of 16, where he went through the youth teams for the adults – and the German youth training is not known for forgiving training on the spar flame.

Although December is not over yet, Spurs have made a number of obligatory rounds this year: they have beaten Manchester United, decided City, cheated with Chelsea, but they also have a derby against Liverpool. So far they have survived the wave of injuries well, there is no doubt that almost everyone plays football in the form of their lives, but Pep Guardiola he definitely has the advantage of having a much deeper frame of his team than Mourinho’s – if we are already looking for a league chance. Portugal’s biggest weapon of all has been Son, and although the goal-scoring teammates fall next to him until May, it is no exaggeration to say that the 28-year-old South Korean is in a state of mind to get the steering wheel of the Mourinho bus rolling towards the PL- trophy.

Even if for some reason they do not become too large punctures during the party period.

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