Saturday , January 23 2021

Moderate relocation abroad, rising on Nasdaq

BUX now decreases by 0.2 percent, OTP increases by 0.2 percent, Magyar Telekom decreases by 0.8 percent and Mol and Richter decreases by 0.8 percent.

Of the small securities, Duna House’s share increased by almost 7 percent, while Appeninn also increased by almost 6 percent. Investors can expect a rapid recovery in the economy, which may increase the value of real estate sales / rental companies.

Despite today’s rise, Duna House is still declining this year, with the leading Hungarian real estate company falling almost 12 percent since January.

Appeninn has fallen recently and fallen almost 8 percent in the past month, and despite today’s rally, the exchange rate has fallen 17.5 percent this year.

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