Tuesday , January 25 2022

Kisvárda Master Good SE – The result was secondary


Milanovich-Liter, Radojević, Hakunova, Klikovac and Orbán Adrienn, Kisvárda's team wipe him away. After an accident, a huge fifteen kilometer plug in the M3 in Gödöllő, they arrived late on the pitch and had some warm-up time, which seemed to be their first half.

Hanking began the deconcentration match against the enthusiastic junior, who reported with two quick goals that they were not for the victim slam, with Afental's third hit that led to three goals.

Vlatko Djonovics started his team in the middle, replacing Pásztor Kordowiecka in the gate while Horváth, Marincsák and Katona came in. However, the difference grew further, with seven players in the lead with seven goals.

The game did not change

Even after the turn, the game did not change, the junior team had the advantage, the guests could not get closer. Tomkovics, Milosevic and Mihajlov also came in. The difference was reduced in the hair, with Horváth's final result of the result. Golovin's disciples have earned a totally deserved victory against the little Wittna Kisvárda.


Handball: Preparation match

Women's Junior Choice-Kisvárda Master Good SE 28-26 (17-10)

Mogyoród, 300 views, Marton, Szabó.

Female Junior Selection: Szabó – Mihály, Afentáler 7, Kácsor 4/2, Varga 1, Strannigg 2, Paul 2. Byte: Tóth, Csapó (goalkeeper), Albek 1, Kellermann 2, Golden 2, Dombi 1, Szilovics 2, Bánfai 1, Ács 1. Federal coach: Golovin Vladimir.

Kisvárda Master Good SE1: Horváth 1, Marincsák 3, Katona 1, Tomkovics 1, Milosevic, Mihajlov. Coach: Vlatko Djonovics. Exhibition: 6 and 2 minutes. Weekly: 3/2 and 1 / -.

Vlatko Djonovics: "For us, it was just a preparation game, with five of our seven starting players who do not travel with the team. Today I have given these players the fewer players in the league matches. Some have shown how they can or can not help the team.

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