Tuesday , September 28 2021

Kim Rasmussen narrowed down the women's handball team

In July, the junior world champion Háfra Noémi and Petra Tóvizi joined the Hungarian Women's Handball Group's limited 18-seat team, which begins preparations for the European Championships in France on Monday.

The federal captain Kim Rasmussen nominated them on Tuesday to go to the Norwegian Cup Cup in November, followed by the second afternoon of the continent. Winners of the Champions League in Győr after injury, Zsiuzsanna Tomori and Puhalák Szidónia, who had been injured after injury, were eliminated, so the only club club in the world will be represented by goalkeeper Kiss Éva.

On Monday, FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria discovered that he expected a child and that he was not on the continental storm while Édds entourage, Anfal Kisfaludy, had knee injury.
"In addition to some of our experienced players, we have worked together for a couple of years, many young people will be involved, and the Cup of Furniture Cup will be a great opportunity to experience how to play against the best in the world," the almanac told a specialist In view of the lessons from the Furniture Cup, he will complete his frame.

Of course, Noemi is in the limited context of Kim RasmussenSource: MTI / Czeglédi Zsolt

"As for the European Championship, our first goal is to get out of the group, which is already a service for World Cup qualifiers." The continental tournament is a good opportunity for many players to get a good experience, she says. .

Sixteen players can be called at the start of the Main Event, and during the two rounds of the semifinals, another two players in the semi-finals and two players last weekend can exchange the 28-man squad.
On December 1, the Netherlands, 3 in Croatia and 5 in Spain will be opposed to the kids in Montbéliard, the first three in the group will be in the semi-finals of Nancy.

Hungarian national team's Eb-ram:
Blanka Bíró (Ferencváros), Kinga Janurik (Érd), Éva Kiss (Győr)
Right wings:
Lukács Viktória (Ferencváros), Orbán Adrienn (Kisvárda)
Nikolett Kiss (Érd), Anna Kovács (Debrecen), Planéta Simonetta (Chambray Touraine, France)
Anikó Kovacsics (Ferencváros), Barbara Pálos-Bognár (Budaörs), Gabriella Tóth (Érd)
Rea Mészáros (Ferencváros), Laura Szabó (Érd), Petra Tóvizi (Debrecen)
Három Noémi (Ferencváros), Kinga Klivinyi (Ferencváros)
Left wings:
Anita Kazai (Dunaújváros), Schatzl Nadine (Ferencváros)

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