Sunday , May 22 2022

Index – Sport – Liu Shaolin is 1000's gold and his brother was expelled


Sándor Liu Shaolin won the first 1000m race on Saturday's skaterboard's second Saturday World Cup race in Salt Lake City. Liu Shaolin played a good game on Saturday after winning the qualifiers in the quarterfinals and semi-finals after the Friday qualifier and then won the final.

Next to him was his younger brother, Liu Shaoang, who was older than his older brother Liu. Shaoang was defeated at the end of the race, so he was disqualified, and this was the sixth in the 1000 final after last week's gold medal.

In the race, Varnyú Alex made a nice surprise for a low key, where he finished second, so he was eighth overall.

In addition, the Olympic champions Csaba Burján and Sziliczei-Német Rebeka were both well-placed, both of whom were able to skate at 1500 meters in the small finals, the former being second and thus closed in the ninth. After the failed Friday, he qualified for himself in the semifinals and then in the B final. Finally, he was sixth in front of an opponent, but in 13th place he reached the best UK result of his career as junior racer. Petra Jászapáti was eliminated by 1000 meters in the quarterfinals, according to MTI.

Both men and women have entered the final, but the women's team is just a little skeptical. The team will be the first team to compete in the compilation of Luca, Jászapáti, Krueger Cole and Burján in Bácskai Sára. Team leader Liu Shaolin, Liu Shaoang, Burján and Krueger will be the final winners of the finals. The low-profile women's team is formed by Bácskai, Jászapáti, Knoch Marta, Szliczei-Német.

On Sundays the other 1000 and 500 meters are held on the rounds.

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