Tuesday , July 27 2021

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The final round of Group 4 of the National League Soccer Group will be interesting. Spain spoiled his last match, lost 3-2 in Croatia, so in the final round on Sunday, the English-Croat match will determine the group's uniform.

In the first half he did not make a goal and much did not happen. Then, in the 54 minutes, the Spaniards ran back in their back until they became tired. Sergio Ramos missed David De Gea for a long back, Andrej Kramaric hit the ball and hit it.

Then Ceballos and then Ramos made a goal, but the Croatian Jedvaj became twice successful. Only for 69 minutes and then for the best 93 minutes. Then he decided to play the game.

Then the grouping ends on Sunday. If the English-Croatian match is tied, the Spaniards will take the lead. If any team wins, it becomes group leader

Michy Batshuayi scored two goals in the Belgian Cup in Brussels, the latter having released in Class B without points.

In Austria's Class B, Austria scored no goal at home with Bosnia and Herzegovina, so the latter was unbeaten at the top of Group 3, and went to Class A while the shooters were also bottom in the north.

Group D, Group 1, Georgia, whose upgrade to Class C has become more secure, could not win in Andorra. In Group 2, Belarus and Moldova, like Luxembourg, mathematically won three remaining chances to come before the final round.


The German football team defeated the guest group 3-0 on Thursday in a friendly match in Leipzig on Thursday. The hosts were assigned a three-goal lead in the first half, and the result did not change during the second half of the year.

The British did not have the trouble of defeating the American team at Wayne Rooney in the Wembley Stadium. The home team did not have two goals in the middle of the first half, and the victory was guaranteed 77 minutes into the game.

33-year-old Rooney was on the bench and replaced Jesse Lingard in the 58th minute. DC United played 120 times in the English national team – none of the players played in the field – with 53 goals in the record.


  • Germany-Russia 3-0 (3-0)
  • England-United States 3-0 (2-0)
  • Ireland – Northern Ireland 0-0
  • Poland-Czech Republic 0-1 (0-0)

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