Tuesday , April 20 2021

In this case, we can not even say Lajos Galambos and Trsai Trgyalst Belfld – Hungary hrei | Szeged

Due to the lack of meeting, there is no apology for the date of 100 million bribery of the main role of the Gyurcsány government's secret service and by Robert Rachbert, Jakubinyi, Egymásért, Egyegyes Alapítvány Foundation – Magyar Idk recognized.

According to the page's weekly number, since the defeatist was Lajos Galambos, General Manager, he should find his case back to the negotiating environmental council and find a secretary general to the Cape Court.

The selection process has already begun, but since the process has been assessed, official details can still not be known.

The page recalled it The court of the municipal appeal board criticized the condemnation of the military council of the Cape Tribunal by accused Robert Rozbert and the defendant Lajos Galambos, the former National Emergency Situation of the National Security Office (NBH) and Gyarmati György, the former NBH chief.

One of the most important figures in the Egymásszer Foundation, Egyszerre alapítványi scandal, Jakubinyi four, the former actor of cure, Galambos five former head of department Gyarmati, got three years in prison at first instance, aggravation of the accusation, exacerbation of the defendant's first acquittal, the second appeal .

The Judicial Committee adopted the defense position and annulled the judgment at first instance and ordered a new first instance procedure.

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