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Fortuna League: Coaches are outraged by Slovenia’s vice president

The ball is after DAC-Slovan’s cheerleader: UEFA licensed professionals ask for the club’s vice president, Jr. Ivan Kmotrík led the team.

Ivan Kmotrík Jr. made a big splash by suddenly becoming a “coach” (Photo: DAC)

The top Slovak coaches with a UEFA professional qualification could not believe their eyes on Sunday night: in the DAC – Slovan (1-1) league match, the guests will be represented by the club’s vice chairman junior Ivan Kmotrik directed.

“It was not just me on the bench, but the entire staff Said Kmotrík after the meeting, who in the minutes was listed as team leader and explained the unusual division of roles. – I’m not a coach, I just encouraged the players. We were in a special situation. Several at the club are coronavirus, several players have struggled with fever and the entire staff, head coach Darko Milanic, is also in quarantine. In such a critical situation, special decisions are needed. ”

Stanislav Moravec

The club at the press conference is the participant who has suitable coaching qualifications Stanislav Moravec represented.

“The vice president said we would work together on the match, but we were also in touch with our head coach at home.” Explained Moravec, who sat on the bench almost motionless throughout the match, and at the press conference you could see that he did not feel comfortable.

“The fact that Ivan Kmotrík led Slovan is a contempt for the entire coaching community He commented to our newspaper what he saw on the fan László Borbély, Chairman of the Slovak coaches’ association, who said it should be a harsh punishment. – As he ran in front of the bench, he slammed into the mud fame and glory for the Slovak coaches. The coaches who sat on Slovan’s little bench looked like outsiders. In their place I would have stood up in such a situation and left the bench. That something like this could have happened indicates that Slovak football has sunk deep. In my opinion, the judges who allowed Ivan Kmotrík to control his team should be punished severely and exemplary. Slovan should be punished in the same way, because they knew for sure at the club who could be on the bench, who could do what. If we do not arrange things, more similar cases may happen. “

Miklós Radványi, who was also the head coach of Mezőkövesd and most recently led the professional work of the Slovak Fortuna league Pohronie, was called by many from the Czech Republic and Hungary after Sunday’s match.

“They were surprised to ask if the younger Kmotrík had the right coaching qualifications Said the 52-year-old specialist to National Sport, who can not imagine that next time in front of the DAC’s small bench, next to the sideline, the owner or his deputy, Oscar World, would run and scream. – Well, if he had a record as a team leader, the referees should have warned him not to run or stand on the field. Many times it happened to me that my track trainer just jumped off the bench and was immediately warned to sit down. A manager gets his professional qualifications through years of hard work, and Sunday’s fall has overwhelmed the coaching community. ”

Another coach, Vladimir Koníkot, the former professional manager of Slovan was told by the daily newspaper Sme: “I am very sorry that again the whole country is laughing at the most famous Slovak club. Slovan, which should be an exemplary association for young people and the whole country, spat in the face of all Slovak coaches who have completed the course honestly. ”

In the online edition of the site ( Vladimir Goffa stated: “What are the expected consequences? As usual, they are almost none. They will find loopholes. Slovan pays every penalty without problems, the referees, the inspectors can miss a few matches and everything continues. In the event of such an alibi, the next time the president or vice president takes the whistle from the referee’s mouth and leads the match … ”

And then we will look at how the authorities saw what happened. Marián Ruzbarsky, The chairman of the referee committee of the Slovak Football Federation told “It simply became our brand then. The competition announcement says that next to the sideline, only those listed in the minutes as head coaches are allowed to work in the match. If that was not the case on Sunday, the referee would have intervened. ”


DAC (Transdanubia) –Slovan Bratislava 1–1

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