Saturday , September 18 2021

F1: No problem here – Vettel on the team instruction

Sebastian Vettel was in a position in the Brazilian Grand Prix, which could not have been a surprise for this season, but this time he suffered Ferrari's reply. However, the four-time world champion is not angry at his team and has talked about his inter-race tournament.

Vettel (back) does not hate Ferrari due to team play (Photo: AFP)

In the 35th GP in Brazil Sebastian Vettel on Ferrari order He had to give Kimi Räikkönent himself. To Maranello's the approach to team instruction (Helps Räikkönent with this). Perhaps it has to do with the fact that the German is no longer in the struggle for the title of the individual world championship, but in interlagos Vettel said his team was well placed.

"The situation is quite clear, Kimi has come back from boxwood and his tire has been cooler – explained the German situation – I had some nails to start with Valtteri, but when it failed, the team asked me to let go of Kimi and give him an opportunity. There is no problem here. I like Kimi, and I'm glad I gave him a chance and he could do it on the podium. "

But Vettel does not agree with all his team's decisions in Brazil and when he was asked to do so scores his race on a ten point scale, did not give too much ratings. He thinks so Ferrari has already made a mistake, when he thought timekeeper had an advantage on the soft tires to start the next day's competition.

"I tried everything, but I would give a result, which is sad. I do not think we've hit the car and the tires. I doubt it was an advantage to start the soft because the superlists were more than that, and even more than we expected " Vettel confessed.

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