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According to information from Little Plain, Csorna-Lébény was intercepted in the 60th minute at 5-0 in Hungary
the county's first-class football match, as the 28-year-old player from Csorna, Tamás Sipcz died.

The football player was revived successfully by the outfit and later went away in the trailer next to the sideline. The referee then interrupted the clash. Tamás Sipcz has confirmed in Csornara last summer that he has long been a football player for Répcementi SE.

"Almost everyone saw a long transfer on the track, after which we noticed that one of the home players would roll over and then collapse. The home kayak and goalkeeper immediately ran to him and tried to help him. He was not aware, and that seemed to be a big problem – the guests of the guests, Dávid Sallai, took up the perception of the tragedy. "Someone called me who came very fast in five or six minutes. Those who went there on the plane started reviving, and then they managed to. Then they put in, but they could not leave. It turned out that was necessary to renew it again. Forty-five minutes they fought for their lives, but unfortunately they could not save it. She went to the locker room. Of course we could not continue the match.

Death was under the influence of János Family, President of Csornai SE.

– Tamás confirmed us in the summer. He was a very humble, silent man. Everyone respected her, loved her teammates. We are very sorry for what happened. I do not even know how this can turn around. I would like to express our compassion and also regret Tamas relatives, "said the club president, who was clearly imprisoned by the tragedy.

Tamás Sipcz grew up in Répcelák and at the age of 18 she was introduced to NB III. Due to his employment at work, he continued this year's Répcementi Group II, where he could celebrate three championship titles.

Tamás Sipcz mentioned one of the most successful successes of the 2016 Keglovich Cup silver medal with Répcementi SE.

He confirmed to Csornara last summer as he said on the club's website:

"I think I could easily fit in a good company. Now that I have become a Celtic resident, I want to achieve the finer results in the team's colors. The most beautiful moment in my career was when Répcelak scored a goal in my first NB III- match and the other was decided since 2016 Keglovich László County Cup. "

Tamás Sipcz spent five seasons at Répcementi SE. Lajos Takács, associate president, was surprised to note the news about his previous players' death.

"The loss of Tamás is a big loss for all of us who are members of the county's sports family." "He was a real community man who did his best for his teammates. That's the sweater he wore. He worked for a short time as maintenance engineer at the municipality of Dénesfai, so I was the mayor mayor. We have been very together, we talked a lot on time, but not only I loved it, but all. He was humble and tough and he was the best man in charge of the tasks he had been entrusted with. In this way, even in the past, it even says it's a monster.

Lajos Takács added that Tamás was preparing for the family, and they had already designed the wedding with the couple and created their own home for themselves.

In addition to his family, the soccer community sits Tamás Sipcz.

On Sunday we wrote:

The football player was successfully revived and later he left the trailer next to the sideline. The referee then interrupted the clash.

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