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Bunk Mourinho, Hasizmos Ronaldo, and a blind Hungarian brother


It was rumored that the Juventus Manchester United Champions League match was boring with 0-0, but Cristiano Ronaldo won a miracle, United played the last minutes and then Jos Mourinho beat Torin at the end of the season. Viktor Kassai also took the lead for the Manchester City Cup, when he became the most honest player in the world. Real Madrid has been abundant in Plzen and begins to resign, but only the temporary nominee Santiago Solari will remain in the position. The jocks are next to him.

As Juventus and United were basically Glenkkli iks, luck on Wednesday was almost unlucky. In the 65th minute, voucher vs. Leonardo Bonucci returned to the ball, which Ronaldo threw into cappuccas, which he had in the spring with Real Madrid. This was the first BL of Juventus in Portugal, and for the first time in 11th place.

Kt pzer

Juventus has now missed three and a half of the money, and then the sign was unmatched by United Juan Mata and Alex Sandro had played for three minutes. "Plyn does not even realize how much I had in my back when I was back with a smile, Ronaldo.but I'm happy about the result, because we should have won the match and with the chip.Manchester United did not show anything. This was a situation, both of them. We will learn about the wrong mistake, but we are always in the group so there is no problem. "

CR showed the developed abdominal musculature in the glumForrs: AFP / Marco Bertorello

When I crumbled the mug, Mourinho hit the sheet, put his hand on the flute and shouted with a terrible smile on the torrent in Turin. Mourinh has its seat in Italy, 2008 and 2010 was Inter's training, which he won three times in the 2009/2010 season, namely the Champions League, the Italian Champions League. "In this miraculous Italian wolf I was injured for 90 minutes. I did not insult them, I just wanted to hear their voices.I came here as a pro who ran the worker, but people started throwing my cheek, it took my reaction.

I respect Juventus, I respect my co-workers, my coaches. I respect everything. This is a great success for the team, not only because it has restored the lost points in the home country, but because we also played. If we did not win, I would think that, "said Mourinho.

If Mourinho provokes, it's okay

At the match of Chelsea-Manchester United (2-2) in October, Mourinho complained that Mauritius Sarris assistant coach Marco Ianni was honored when Chelsea's 96th minute was equal to Manchester. Mourinho makes a knockout if the opponent tries him, but if he provokes the opponent he is okay. The Portuguese team had the latest 2010 performance when Inter beat Barcelona 3-2 in Barcelona at BL in the Camp Nou stadium. By that time the tip had risen, raised the hand at the top and pointed to the point (the reaction was that he had been called by Pep Guardiol instead of T-Team).

Knos Kassai-Baki

Manchester City defeated Sahtar Donyecket in BL long, with a 6-0 defeat, but Viktor Kassai debut defeat. City had a 1-0 lead to David Silva when Raheem Sterling struck the penalty spot in 23 minutes at the door of the doorbell,He went to the wall and his nose fell.Kassai was in the garage, but it's not the case that this is a bit of a punishment. Andriy Pjatov's goalkeeper in the book has gone down the line, but he did not show anything for Sterling. But he did not know how to swallow, but he did not say what he was doing.

This was not the first Hungarian champion in BL, but in 2017 Real Madrid Bayern Munich had a very good return. In the aftermath, the city's leader, Pep Guardiol, is also afraid of the case, as sayingSterling should have blamed the fact that they did not bother him."She should have slept, yes." But last season, Liverpool and James Milner should have been in a similar position, Guardiola said at opportuni City-Liverpool BL quarter quarters, when a 1-0 victory over Mateu La did not give a defeat to the city.

I do not feel a mess, the cheese breaks out. I went down to the wall and fell. There is a bush and SahtarHe recognized Sterling.

the city and the Sahtari were defeated

In the clubs, the club's official Twitter page gives you a lot of news. The City Twitter site is edited by knots that the city was punished for Mykola Matviyenkos bust. Sahtar Donyeck has been treated as a Twitter Twitter website, and it is a question of how much truthfulness has been made by rivlis. "Matviyenko for buktaths? J moon, Cimbora".

Really laughs Real

After the appointment of Christmas Lopetegui, Santiago Solari won the third prize, and in the 116 club, the other coach, who had won the prize, made all this.In eight days, Real spent 11 minutes,It is exactly the same as last year's Lopetegui, which dates back to August 15 and October 28. According to the Marca Sports Calendar, Solari deserves long-term television, but the Spanish coach does not want to tackle it at the same time.

Solari has so far won all three championships with ReallForrs: AFP / Michal Cizek

"The dislocators have this success, not they were those who came out of the layer and pro-mentality. From first moment to last they took the film seriously, but that was a sign of winning in the Champions League.In this club there are big jockeys players who can bargain. You showed me this way. There are no bad guys.A jvm? It may be a cliché, but it's true: right now I'm just thinking about the next blackjack to get the best out of the game. We should be even more intense and we have to work hard. To be in krzis. You do not know what to do in Madrid, right? Here we are always in krzis, although the Champions League wins, "Solari insisted on working from the biggest club in the world.

Did you know?

Robert Lewandowski, 55th 56, has never missed a penalty in the Champions League.

Really laughs RealForrs: AFP / Joe Klamar

"People are talking about who and who does not, but we continue with Solari." If things go wrong you can not get the chance to do that, "Casemiro said in a statement on Friday." It has been a long time since October 29, and according to The country's strenuous laws may be the temporary training done by the team,, orthey must be temporary.

Benzema told me who was buckled

In addition to Solari, he was shot by Plzen against 200th 201th Madrid defender Karim Benzema, who had been criticized by Real Director General of Plz. The Frenchman has now told the audience what his business is in Real.If people do not know what I'm doing plyn. Then once I'm here to help my teammates.I love people who love football. The employer's employer is glsvsnl-legalbb nlam. NAMM, the guy just forgetting is not a jerk, "said Benzema, who was a stylish, open coach for Ronald.

Ramos shook

Mg 0-0 is the regime of the scandalous unmasked, Sergio Ramos faces Milan Havel, who is responsible for the nose.

Ramos did not even get the chance, but it was a Spanish boss, Iturralde Gonzlez, who said to AS: "The real team captain has deliberately gone with him (not a knife!) And hugged at Havel, whose nose could have left him." . "

Fourth quarter BL came Wednesday 29 June, which was 3.62.

Champions League, Round 4, Wednesday
CSKA Moscow-Roma 1-2
Valencia-young boys 3-1
Bayern Mnchen-AEK Athn 2-0
Benfica-Ajax 1-1
Juventus-Manchester United 1-2
Lyon-Hoffenheim 2-2
Manchester City-Sahtar Donyeck 6-0
Plzen-Real Madrid 0-5

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