An honorary professor at the National Civil Service University, Mfor, asked the university how long he could stay.

In 2016, the National Civil Service University decided to appoint József Szájer, a member of Fidesz, as an honorary university professor. According to the explanatory memorandum, Szájer’s outstanding professional, teaching and research activities were recognized, and also noted that his consistent work on the renewal of public law in Hungary earns him the title of honorary university professor.

This week, however, it turned out that József Szájer resigned from his mandate as a Member of Parliament because he violated the curfew and participated in a sex party on Friday night, where the vast majority were men. Politicians tried to flee the scene through a gutter, but were stopped by police. Prosecutors said a drug had been found in his bag, although Szájer denied that it was his.

As a result of the scandal, politicians also left Fidesz, which Prime Minister Viktor Orbán considered the only right decision. Mfor contacted NKE to see if a decision had already been taken on the appointment of Szájer, what training activities he had carried out and what benefits he had received. According to the reply received on Saturday evening, no written resignation had been received by József Szájer at that time and the revocation of his address had to be decided by the Senate.

NKE wrote that Szájer did not teach at the university, so he does not receive any money. He has participated in several conferences and events as a guest speaker.

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