Tuesday , August 9 2022

1400 billion forint was paid for those who used Hungarian roads in five years


The description of the data emphasized that the distance from lorries in the e-toll system was over 15 billion kilometers over five years. In addition, NU has sold 75 million e-stickers for vehicles of less than 3.5 tonnes; 70 percent of it was a weekly sticker, half of which were foreigners.

Tamás Bartal emphasized that the domestic road network is used by a large number of foreign air carriers and passengers traveling by car, but the Hungarian toll system is also suitable for collecting the use of foreigners when using the vehicle.

After HUF 290 billion this year, HUF 316 billion is expected to be a customs revenue this year and it is expected that NUZ's revenues will reach 400 billion evenings, which will give rise to renovation, maintenance and construction of new roads in Hungary, says the CEO .


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