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MAMA 丨 BTS arranged four awards for Chengda University, the winner BLACK PINK IU was absent and won the third award | Entertainment | Real Time | 20201206


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South Korea’s annual music event “MAMA Music Awards Ceremony” was held at 17.00 Hong Kong time today. The conference first broadcast the video from Song Joong Ki, the conference host, and then it was Taemin’s turn to take the lead. Song Joong-ki, who is hosting for the fourth time, officially debuted. Song Joong-ki said that the host of “MAMA” this time felt new and unknown. He also said: “Recently lived in a familiar and unknown world, everyone used to be so close, but now Keep your distance, but everyone is in different places and at different times, but everyone is connected to each other because of” MAMA “, and it’s music that can be connected. “

Treasure wins the newcomer award

Afterwards, it was Jessi and Huasha’s turn to perform. After the performance, the best male and female newcomer was awarded. Best male newcomer won by Treasure, the junior group BIGBANG. They thanked YG and fans on stage. As for the best female beginner, it falls on Weeekly. They said they felt very honored to receive the award.

James Corden awards awards

The popular boy group BTS won the first award for best boy group for dance. Member Suga was still recovering due to left shoulder surgery, so he did not participate in “MAMA” with his teammates, but the members are all Some of them mentioned his name on the stage, and when they came to the stage they were also very aware of prevention of epidemics. Everyone wore masks on stage and said, “Thank you for giving us the prize, thank you friends who worked hard for the brilliant show.” And then BTS gave it again. The album “Map of the Soul: 7” won the annual album award for three years in a row. The conference also arranged for BTS “American Dad” and the famous American host James Corden to announce the award, and the 6 sons called Suga on the spot and asked Suga. Thanks to the conference and fans by phone, he said he works hard to recover, please and do not worry. Although the “national sister” IU did not participate, she still won the best female singer, best singing performance Solo and best collaborative awards. She also had a thanksgiving meeting.

Tzuyu thanks fans in Chinese

Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 won BTS, BLACK PINK, TWICE, MAMAMOO, NCT, Treasure, TXT, GOT7, ATEEZ and Seventeen. BLACK PINK did not attend the distribution ceremony, and TWICE is currently recovering due to membership. So only eight people came to the stage to receive the award. They thanked the fans on stage and reminded them to be careful with colds. Taiwanese member Zhou Ziyu expressed in Chinese that he hoped the epidemic would improve as soon as possible, so that they could see the fans as soon as possible.

Absent photos won praise

The award ceremony ended. The best group of girls won by BLACK PINK, which was also popular all over the world. Although BLACK PINK did not participate, they still won the best girl group, Worldwide Fans’ Choice Top 10 and Best Dance Performance Girl. The group’s three awards, plus EXO’s Baekhyun and IU also won without participating, many network users praised that this year’s “MAMA” is finally not a pig, and it is not an award ceremony for participants. In addition to winning the annual album award, BTS also won the annual global idol for this year’s awards. When RM received the award, they thanked foreign fans in English.

BTS wins EXO’s best men’s team

Then BTS went to another city and won the best men’s team by winning EXO, GOT7, NCT, MONSTA X and Seventeen and won the prize for two years in a row. At the same time, it won the song of the year and the singer of the year. In addition to eight awards as the big winner tonight, it also organized four awards. Among them, BTS won Singer of the Year for five years in a row. RM said when he came on stage to carry this year’s singer “Thank you very much. Actually when” MAMA “debuted there was no award ceremony, so I wanted to come and I was jealous, but I was very moved to be able to win so big During such a difficult time recently, it seems that we are the only talents. When I hear the good news, I feel really uncomfortable. As people who sing and dance, I hope that everyone can treat us with tolerance and fight for tomorrow. “

Complete preventive measures against epidemics

Due to the serious epidemic situation, singers have to wait in the background. Most of them will wear masks obediently when they come on stage to receive awards, and they will also keep their distance on stage. Among them, the conference will arrange for staff to do so before each guest speaks. disinfect.


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