Monday , September 26 2022

Kexing Vaccine arrived in Hong Kong last Friday, Nie Dequan said that measures to prevent epidemics can be relaxed after 东 网


  1. Kexing Vaccine arrived in Hong Kong on Friday, Nie Dequan said the post-vaccination epidemic prevention measures could be East Net
  2. Early morning.Morning: Live Sign Language Program: Expert Committee recommends approval of emergency use of Coxing vaccine; reconstruction of FukushimaRTHK Radio Hong Kong
  3. Coronavirus Disease.Live | Vaccine consultants unanimously recommend Kexing vaccine for emergency use in Hong KongHong Kong 01
  4. From various journals, the World Health Vaccine Committee advocates that Kexing be used for the second shot, and the effective speed is 60% lower than BioNTech 95%Ming Pao News Network
  5. Kexing vaccine approved for emergency useYahoo Hong Kong News
  6. See the full report on Google News
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