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Fan Guowei and Liang Yaozhong show resistance to the move of thanks – News – Xincheng Finance Channel


Fan Guowei and Liang Yaozhong show their opposition to The Motion of Thanks

8/11/2018 12:15
The Legislative Council continues to discuss the proposal for political address.
The parliamentary fan Fan Guowei and gatekeepers Liang Yaozhong indicated that they voted against it. Liang Yaozhong was dissatisfied with the policy address and did not mention the standard working hours and minimum wage for one year. He proposed to extend maternity leave to 14 weeks and cancel the final plan for MPF fuse. However, there is no timetable for implementation, which criticizes the authorities for spending hundreds of billions of earned money on the artificial islands, but not improving people's livelihood.
Fan Guowei opposed the plan for tomorrow's Lantau, which described the emptiness of the warehouse, which was plagued by three generations.
Ye Jianyuan in the education sector welcomes the implementation of teacher education policy, but tomorrow the plan on the island will be a major controversy. He will refrain from voting for the tackling.
Liberal Party Zhang Yuren criticized the policy address for leaning against labor and damaging the business environment.

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