Saturday , July 2 2022

Varis Koropiou changes his name



Due to the mention ceremony of Varis Koropiou Avenue on Evelpidon Avenue on Monday, November 12


Traffic regulations today Monday 12.00, at nomination of the Nobel Prize. Due to the mention of Varis Koropiou Avenue on Evelpidon Avenue on Monday, November 12, from 10:30 to 12 noon, The following traffic rules in the municipality of Varis Voulas Vouliagmenis:

(a) Settlement of traffic on vehicles on Varis Koropiou Avenue in the section between Lampuron and Tsagkarakis Kapodistriou Streets, in the traffic flow towards K. Karamanlis Avenue,

b) define the left lane to Koropi on Varis Koropiou Avenue, in the sections between Lampuron Street and Tsagkarakis Kapodistriou, as a traffic jam to K. Karamanlis Avenue

In the event of traffic conditions, There will be a complete stop of vehicle traffic on the following points:

a) Varis Koropiou Avenue and Aghia Marina Avenue: conversion of traffic on vehicles moving to Vari through Agia Marina Avenue,
b) Varis Koropiou and Anargyrountos Avenue: conversion of traffic on vehicles traveling to Koropi via Vakhos and Vas. Konstantinou streets.

It should be noted that the timing of traffic rules can be reduced or extended further of the specified hours, as well as not to apply as traffic conditions impose it, according to the traffic police's responsibility.

Varis Koropi's name changed – Traffic rules for the ceremony
Due to the mention ceremony of Varis Koropiou Avenue on Evelpidon Avenue on Monday, November 12
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