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Turkey: Concentration in memory of Jamal Kagongi


11/11/2018 – 22:11

Hundreds of people gathered today in Istanbul to celebrate journalist Jamal Kashiyi, one month after his assassination in Saudi consulate.

Friends, coworkers and supporters gave him the present, some of which had masks with their face.

During the mobilization speech and videos were recorded in his memory, an overnight stay organized 40 days after his death, as suggested by the Muslim tradition.

According to the French authority, Touran Kislaki, the director of the Turkish-Arab Media Association (TAM), a member of which was Casagi, demanded justice to "be given to these tyrants, these barbarians, unable to do it again".

"We know exactly what they did, even if they do not admit it," said Erdogan, a friend of Kassogi Yasin Aktai, who also participated in the meeting today.

"Everything will be revealed, everything will see the light of publicity," he added. with information from AMP, AFP

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