Wednesday , October 5 2022

Trump insists: “We will win this election” – Melania is on his side | WORLD


In his first meeting since the US presidential election, Donald Trump continued to shout in Georgia last night that he would win the election, which he lost to Joe Biden.

Trump traveled to the state of Georgia to support two outgoing Republican senators ahead of a crucial January 5 by-election. They are jeopardizing the majority of the US Senate and therefore the balance of power in Washington when Joe Biden takes office on January 20.


If these senators, Kelly Lefler and David Perdue, “do not win, nothing can stop” the Democrats, Donald Trump shouted. “You have no idea how much the situation will get worse,” he continued.

However, he devoted most of his speech to the November 3 presidential election.

“We will win this election,” the outgoing president said in front of hundreds of supporters gathered outside Waldosta, wearing few masks.

“They will try to convince us that we lost. We did not lose,” he said to the audience, shouting “We love you” and “Four more years.” “This election was rigged,” Trump said.

Trump has not yet acknowledged defeat

The Republican tycoon has not acknowledged the defeat of Biden and instead condemns repeatedly, without any evidence, widespread fraud. Courts across the United States have dismissed a string of lawsuits from his team of lawyers.

At yesterday’s meeting, with his wife, Melania Trump, Trump recalled his victories in the November 3 election in key states, Florida and Ohio, and then added, contrary to the official result: “We also won. Georgia, that was good. “

He again sharply criticized the Republican and his former ally, Georgia’s governor Brian Kemp, urging him to control the vote again.

Trump has also attacked Republicans who do not support him, including Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Rafensperger.

Biden became the first Democratic presidential candidate since winning Georgia in 1992. After a nationwide recount of votes, including a careful manual recount of about 5 million votes that showed no significant irregularities, the election results have been verified and validated, giving newly elected President Biden a landslide victory of 13,000 votes.

Earlier Saturday, Trump called Kemp and tweeted that he was taking further steps in the tyrannical president’s desperate struggle to reverse his election defeat.

After Kemp responded on Twitter that he “publicly requested three signature checks,” the Republican president said it was not enough and in a second tweet told him that the governor would immediately convene an emergency meeting for state legislators.

In an unparalleled move in modern American history, the Trump administration has unsuccessfully sought to lead Republican-controlled legislatures in critical states that Biden won to ignore the election result and declare the Republican president a winner.

Biden won the election and secured 306 votes against Trump’s 232. The election meets on December 14 to formalize the result.

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