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To restore the fortress, Idezin asked Dimitris Koutsoubas


Chania: Restoration of the fortress Idezin asked Dimitris Koutsoubas

Immediate restoration of the Itzhedin Fortress, in the Kalami area, Chania, today requested the Secretary General of CC. by KKE Dimitris Koutsoubas.

Mr. Koutsoumbas, along with his party leaders, visited the Itzhedin Fortress and said immediately: "Today's visit to the Itzedin prison is not just to pay tribute to the heroes of class struggle, communists, they tortured the fighters. It is above all to highlight and claim that this historical monument in Chania should leave the hypermarket, it should be restored, all the restored facilities and, in particular, restored to the local community so that children are trafficked from our grandchildren, residents, from all over Greece, from foreign tourists so that they can see history in this place because it is one of the most important cultural monuments in this region, a total of our homeland ".

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