Saturday , May 28 2022

The chance to get the new iPhone XR … cheaper!


They are the most talked about mobile phones, with fanatic "fans" around the world. The iPhone is "little gods" for some, an object of lust, an irreplaceable extension of their hand. But the actual high prices for Apple's powerful products do not often allow replacement of Apple's new models. Or maybe not? Here comes the coveted opportunity. Three words will "upgrade" your daily life with the new iPhone XR recently released by the American giant technology: "Bring to Save". What does this mean: You visit a WIND store, returns your old iPhone model, recovery value and buy the new iPhone XR, up to 650 euros.

That means you're making "Bring to Save" and you get the handset that is said to be the title of Apple's most popular smartphone this year and this year.


The iPhone XR has the same processor (A12 Bionic), the same camera (12 megapixel) and the same design line with its two brothers, iPhone Xs and Xs Max. The combination of glass and aluminum leaves the best impression from first hand contact, while Apple points out that the glass with its front surface is the most durable market. The new smartphone comes with an excellent 6.1 inch liquid retina display, the most advanced LCD monitor used on a smartphone. It offers perfect tones of color and viewing of videos and pictures are really fun.
Inside, the device drives the brand new A12 Bionic processor, which is also one of the biggest upgrades of the device. The chip is powerful and supports new features for enhanced reality (AR).

Among the other features of the iPhone XR are the fastest Face ID, the new 12MP camera system, 12MP resolution, Smart HDR mode, better image and video resolution, and the best speakers that produce true stereo audio. The unit is also waterproof and can withstand water (up to 1 meter deep) for 30 minutes.

Note that by purchasing a new device you will be extra earned because you receive an extra 50 euro gift to acquire some genuine Apple accessories.

In addition, you can avail of the choice of interest-free installments offered by WIND stores and share the cost of buying up to 48 interest-free installments using a credit card.

In the WIND stores, iPhone XR is available in all storage versions (64/128 / 256 GB) and seven impressive colors (black, gold, yellow, blue, red, coral and white).

The Bring to Save program plus the facility with the 48 interest-free installments also applies to the purchase of iPhone Xs or Xs Max.

Still looking to replace your old iPhone?

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