Saturday , May 28 2022

The biggest after-rally rally since 1982 on Wall Street


Wall Street was impressive, with S & P and Dow Jones recording the biggest daily gain since the election in mid-1982 after the US election, which was largely priced by the market, as it did not leave much surprises, leading to a fall in the dollar and a slight decline in US government bond yields.

The US stock market opened with profits of about 1%, but Trab's claims that he wants to cooperate with the Democrats took off the markers.

At Dow Jones, Dow Jones industrial park closed at 545 points or 2.13%, the wider S & P gained 58 points or 2.12%, and Nasdaq technology yielded 194 units or 2.64%. Current rally is greatest since the 1982 election, when Dow Jones was 4.3% and S & P became 3.9%.

It is noted that the mid-term election gives the Democrats again the control of the House of Representatives, while the Republicans retain the Senate control, and strengthen their power as well.

Historically, the division of Congress has become bullish for shares, while investors believe that Trump's business-friendly policies will continue. Other analysts believe that this division of congress could have an impact on US President Trabbles Legislative Agenda, but markets are currently optimistic, as some immediate uncertainty decreases.

There have also been signs of a compromise from Trab, who had said that he would try to work on the other side, like the signs this week, that the Democrats would win the House of Representatives.

At the same time, investors turned their eyes to the two-day Federal Reserve meeting, which ends tomorrow, although the central bank is not expected to change its interest rates.

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