Monday , November 18 2019
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Shock in Kypseli: 27 foreigners were found at home

Circuits that migrated migrants to European countries and provided them with fake travel documents, dismantled the Piraeus Central Port Authority's security bureau, with the help of special missions and border security officials.

29 persons of Asian origin were arrested for violation of Law 3386/05, which concerns the entry and residence of third-country nationals in Greek territory, while two of them aged 36 and 32, respectively, were arrested for setting up a criminal organization and forgery. Twenty-seven foreigners were also found and arrested in a specially designed security house with railings placed in and out of windows in the Kypseli area, temporarily staying until they were transferred to European countries.

In a subsequent investigation in the arrested house, 17 forged passports, 3 identities, the number of stamps and stamps and other passport forgery and banknotes from different countries were found.

In addition, six mobile phone cards, a laptop, an i-Pad and five mobile devices were seized.

The investigation is being conducted by the Piraeus Central Port Authority, and in collaboration with the Directorate for Security and Protection of the Maritime Borders, all available data to date are being evaluated, as a thorough investigation of the involvement of the above two arrested foreigners as members of various international criminal organizations of Europe and Asia.

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