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Revenue from plastic bags comes back 100% to society – Newsbeast

The use of a thin plastic bag has decreased by 300 plastic bags per person per year, just over 100, while the goal is to further reduce the use to less than 75, says Deputy Environment and Energy Minister S. Famelos, speaking today on "105.5 FM Kokkino".

He added that in view of the fact that plastic bag has bar code, at the end of the year there will be completely safe data. He also said that all revenue from the end of the plastic bag would be replaced by consumers through compensation measures announced by RIS. "Our goal was never to take a minute of the euro, but to prevent it from using it plastic bag"He said.

He pointed out that "resources from the end of a thin plastic bag will return 100% to society through the Greek Recycling Organization (EAN) and the municipalities" and that "they may not enter the state budget or government revenue". He stressed: "As is known, AADE collects this fee together with VAT and assigns it to a special account at EONAN. The entire amount will be allocated very quickly to the citizens. We are already preparing pilot actions that include free delivery of a multifunction bag to consumers , but also from other materials, including shopping carts, etc., which gives rise to the change in consumer behavior, which is a small part of the puzzle we have to solve in waste management. "

Mr Famelos reiterated that in 2019 it is the year when sorting at the source in Greece is mandatory. "We want the new year to be seen completely on the source and this is not just an environmental goal but also a social need," he said, commenting that the national design that exists since 2015 does not allow any delay in delaying. "We are looking for the citizen in 2019 to find the organic container, namely food and other waste near his home. In order to achieve this, there will be a number of incentives and disincentives," he said.


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