Saturday , September 18 2021

PAOK: Numbers and performance … champion!

The first goal of Rasvan Lutsche's team was to eliminate the two-point punishment he has been wearing since last year. With the completion of the 10th Super League season, look … minus two striking remarkable for "black and white" that succeeded … report the situation through its appearances with nine wins and a tie.

Bicephalos has accumulated 26 points, is at +2 from Atromitos, +6 from Olympiacos and +9 from AEK, as the champions' champions can imagine. To explain PAOK's first it is enough to look first at the defense and recordings of the players at Dichefalu.

Chemistry of PAOK's defense function seems to work perfectly on the grass, with Alexandros Paschalakis coming in because of his excellent presence in the equation. Only four times, the Thessalonians have collected the ball from their networks, fewer than any other team.

There are five goals in Olympiakos, AEK and Xanthi, with five goals in the league, while the five finish with Atromitos, who have so far scored six goals and Panathinaiko's seven.

The attacking line takes the lead, with the two Jocks leading the race, which has scored 17 goals in the league. PAOK and AEK are more productive than any other team that has hit once more than Atromitos, two from Panathinaikos and four times from Olympiacos.

Analytically five best attack and defense of the championship:

PAOK 17 4
AEK 17 5
Atromitos 16 6
Olympiakos 13 5

Results of the first five of the table:

PAOK 9 1
Atromitos 7 3
Olympiakos 6 2 2
XANTHI 5 3 2
AEK 6 2 2

Prvoywic pulls … paddle

Perhaps in the match with Panetolikos, the lights fell on the most valuable match, Tsuba Akpom, but according to his offer, Aleksandar Priyovic is the absolute reference point for PAOK's productivity, with so far six goals in the championship with Bessavar, Crespo, Matos, Zambas, Ackom, Maurizio, El Canturi and Limnio have one (three self-propelled).

Statistics can be that … simple way of telling lies, but in that case they justify "much" PAOK's superiority over their opponents, at least those who were on their way to 1/3 of the championship.

Characteristically, Bicencer has made 104 last attempt against a total of 89 opponents, while he has a lot in the transfer area and counts 487.

See in detail below:

FINAL 104 89
filling 62/214 52/151
steals 233 290
beams 1 4

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