Saturday , July 2 2022

Microsoft Studios acquired Fallouts Obsidian and InXile companies: New Vegas and Wasteland 2 – Xbox


With next-generation gadgets on the horizon, Microsoft Studios has begun to build its plans, including high-profile studio purchases like Obsidian Entertainment behind Fallout: New Vegas and InXile Entertainment are behind Wasteland 2.

Addition of Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment to Microsoft Studios Developer's portfolio means two of their latest acquisitions, especially when they happen simultaneously.

Obsidian is responsible for Star Wars Knights in the Old Republic II: Sith Lords, South Park: The Truth and eternity pillars, and InXile stand behind amazing contrast and torment: Tides of Numenera and coming Wasteland 3, which managed to raise more than $ 3 million under one campaign campaign on the Fig platform 2016.

Between the two companies there is a rich history, as the two studios are "products" of the developer's flight from the studio studio behind the Fallout series Interplay. The two companies have agreed to share tools and technologies with Obsidian also to help InXile (founder of Interplay, Brian Fargo) to develop Wasteland 2.

"Although they have a shared legacy, the two creative layers on Obsidian and inXile are very different," we read in Microsoft's press release, which continues: "They will continue to work autonomously, but give their unique talents to their IP) and their expertise in Microsoft Studios, as they create new RPG experiences for our players and friends. "

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<p>	Microsoft Studios has been under the umbrella of eleven in number of video game companies in the United States, Canada and Europe, including 343 Industries (Halo), Ninja Theory (Hellblade), the manufacturer of Minecraft, Mojang and Compulsion Games (lucky few houses). Microsoft announced in June that it has acquired five new companies, such as Undead Labs (State of Decay) and Playground Games (Forza Horizon).
<p>	When the Xbox One was launched in 2013, many Microsoft confirmed that they did not have enough games on their platform, which could have helped PlayStation 4 to have the first sales interview. With the new consoles coming 2020, Microsoft does not want to leave much space for Sony. It is rumored that Xbox has built two consoles, one of which is specially designed for streaming.
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