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Fthiotida: The reason that the child was released from prison / Diver's testimony drowned by the children [video] –


Anger and anger have caused the release of George Metaxakis, who in September 1999 drank his three children in the Almyros River. The 60-year-old passed the domino prison farms on Friday even though they were sentenced to three times their lives …

"How can a man who killed his children move freely?" they wonder all and do not hide their anger over this decision.

Metaxakis passed the door to Domoko Prison Exit on Friday with the news like the thunder in heaven, more for his family in Crete. According to the famous criminologist in Heraklion, Dionysis Verra, who contacted Giorgos Metaxakis was released after judging his sentence.

metaksakhs1According to Mr. Verra, "Article 105 of the Criminal Code, paragraph 6, D, "provides for the imprisonment to be released and for prison in prison, the prisoner must have been in prison for at least 15 years. In any event, the convicted person may, in accordance with Article 105 § 6 point 6 of the Criminal Code will be appealed if he has served for 19 years. Therefore, the prisoner in the particular case seems to have the formal conditions for his release. It is clear that prison prisoners under the sentence were completely legitimate, otherwise the disability could have been prevented.

The split murder in September 1999
Kidnapper took her 12-year-old daughter, 10-year-old Giannis, 4-year-old Nikos, and their two-year-old sister-in-law to go on the Almyros River. Suddenly he bound his daughter's hands to the lever so he could not move, took the boys to the river and threw them into the cold and rushing waters of the river. Then he went into the car and headed with his daughter in the Mojo area where he abandoned it.metaksakhs3

When the three boys were found, the child was killed in an accident. But the pressure of the police confirmed. He was arrested one day after the murder and imprisoned. During his trial, he refused to apologize and rose up to the point said no word. The court sentenced him to three times in life, one for each child. He left an appeal to try to get an appeal court, but when the time came, the trial did not arrive.

The terrible murder of the three smaller boys of his own dad who shocked Panhellenic had taken place in the afternoon of September 20, 1999, and was one of the passions, because it was done for the wife of his wife.

The testimony of the diver provoked the children's death

The chairman of the sailors of Heraklion, Manolis Makridakis, was the first to join the Almyros River on September 20, 1999, and began to investigate to identify the three children.

Although 19 years have passed since George Metaxakis threw his three angels on the Almyros River, the memories have been drawn deep inside him, and when he tells the cretapost they will never go out.

His testimony Mr. Makridakis in cretapost shocks:

"I was the first to arrive at the site following a command from the Heraklion port authority. Heraklion port authority looked at the team at the cement mill Linoperamata, where we have fuel in the ocean, and I and my team went to look for the Almyros River."

"Did you finally come to the point where the three children's bodies were finally?

"It was a very shocking thing because there is another big man to see, another to see one child and another to see three children drown in the water in this situation.

It is understandable that even the toughest person would have to tear it off. It has been so many years and now when we talk about whether we are still moving because it was a spectacle that I and my team will not forget as long as we live. And even of an experienced team that we have had until then, but so far many people have drunk and in cooperation with the port authorities. "

-From the worst moments of your career?

"Of the worst yes."

-20 years, but George Metaxakis was finally released by law. Do you want to tell me when you learned what you thought? How did you answer?

"We can not judge justice that is often right and sometimes unfair in some cases. What I can not forget and I can not forget believe – from tomorrow that the whole of Heraklion's audience will learn it – that three children can drowning one father and then let him go and circulate. The other child he had died or his children are married and have made a family how he will catch his grandchildren. This means that this man has already broken down. If I were in my place I would not want to I'm telling you honestly. Every parent who has a child understands what I'm saying right now. Why are three little children, but I remember it was almost an infant. "

Two years old, the youngest, six …

"He has no opinion, he has no opinion. He hangs from his father's and his mother's lips. What can such a child do – not just that – to any father and anyone who comes to that point. released, we can not judge justice. She introduced her opinion, but from there there is a moral part, I think there are people who will have their own opinion "

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