Friday , July 1 2022

Explosion in … crash upset in the center of Chalkida –


It is due to a methane concentration and a possible spark from the PPC cables passing through the point

Anxiety caused passers-by and business owners on Kriezotou Street in Chalkis, the deafening noise that sounded like a bomb explosion this morning, as TV star broadcasts.

According to the report, the explosion occurred in a PPC shaft in front of a clothing store, whose staff stood at the door and a few seconds before the explosion took three steps back when he suddenly saw the shoulder and the stones went off in the air. She herself from the shock she suffered could not move from her position and run to protect herself.

She said that a strange smell came from the place in the morning. However, the explosion is not related to any damage to DEMP, but to the high concentration of gases and, in particular, methane from nearby fossils. A spark that can be thrown out of the PPC cables passing under it was enough to cause damage.

The event is being investigated to accurately determine the causes of the explosion.

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